Waves Tune: Saving


After having spent quite a lot of time tuning a vocal track with Waves Tune, I saved the project on the DAW (Ableton Live 10), closed the project, reopened it and… All the manual changes I had done on the waves tune piano roll, such as speed or transition time changes for individual notes, or lines drawn on each note, had disappeared and it was as it had scanned the track for the very first time and applied automatic corrections.

Is there any way to “save” my manual changes? Today is my last day testing the software and this has been a serious setback. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Hi @alainpg,

Sound like the plug-in was not loaded in the Officially Supported VST3 format for Ableton Live, which will save the settings while saving Ableton’s Live Set.

I suggest reaching out to our Tech Support team to ask for an exception for a 2nd demo license, to finish testing the plug-in, and if needed provide further assistance regarding the issue.

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