Waves Tune not saving settings in Garageband

Waves Tune seems to reset any time I close my project in Garageband. When I re-open the project, it has to scan the audio again and any manual changes I made to the track via Tune are gone. I saw an older thread about a similar issue someone was having in Ableton, but the response only vaguely indicated that the plugin was loaded incorrectly and offered no solutions. I followed the directions provided by Waves to install the plugin for Garageband, but perhaps I did something wrong along the way. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I’m using Waves Central 13.0.15, Waves Tune 13.0.0, Garageband 10.4.5, and OSX 12.2.1.

Hi Keith, Welcome to the Waves Forum.

The behavior you describe normally occurs when using the DAW plugin manager to switch presets save or change parameters instead of doing those from the Waves Toolbar. The result when changing any parameters/presets, saving or loading not from the Waves Toolbar, will result in the plugin reset to the default preset thus not saving any changes performed when saving the session.

I hope this will solve the reported behavior