Waves Real Time Tune - Cubase 11

Hello Guys,

Hope you are well !

I’m facing a problem since few weeks with my Waves RTT in Cubase 11.
When I create a mono track for a voice and add the plugin in insert, the effect of autotune isn’t heard by the singer. I already press the monitor button in the track, doesn’t change, we only hear a voice with some kind of reverb.

Already check in the Studio - VST System, for the direct monitoring, but this option is disable.

Maybe the problem come from my sound card, i’m using a focusrite scarlet 6i6, but I don’t find anything about that.

If someone already had this issue, thanks for your help.

Hi @gabriel.silvadomingues welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

First, make sure Waves Tune Real-Time’s settings are set to Correction 100%, Speed, and Note Transition at the lowest values, to have the plug-in working at the most noticeable settings.

If the issue persists during recordings, it sounds like you might be ‘Input Monitoring’ the audio directly from the interface and not via the DAW (ie with Waves Tune Real-Time process).

Some of Focusrite’s interface has an Input Monitoring button on the interface itself and some are controlled via Focusrite software.

I suggest going over your interface’s user guide or consulting Focusrite Support to make sure you’re not Input Monitoring while trying to hear Waves Tune Real-Time process during the recordings.

If that is not the case, I suggest reaching out to our Tech Support team to advise further.

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