Waves Tune plugins can't found in Ableton, others are working from the bundle

I have the Waves Essentials bundle, and since I updated my plugins today from the Waves Center, all the Waves Tune plugins are missing. After I open a new Live set or open one of my existing project it says: The VST-3 plugin cannot be found. I tried like 20 other plugins from the bundle and they are working fine. Just the ones starting with “Waves Tune*” have this issue. A tried: Uninstall all plugins, reinstall and repair from the Waves Center. Checked the waves shells, rescanned everything 100x times.I have no idea whats going on. Its activate and Installed. I basically tried everything what I’ve found as a solution to smiliar issues on this forum or anywhere on the internet. Any tips? Its terrible.

Hi @idmacz,

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I see you are already in touch with Tech Support so I am sure they will be able to solve this.

One thing that I can think of is that Waves Tune supports up to 96 kHz so in case your session is set to 192 kHz the plugin won’t be available.