Waves tune clicks and pops (not present in waves tune realtime)

I’m really frustrated at the moment.
I love waves tune because you can manually change the notes you hit with your vocals which leaves plenty of room for creative effects and design.

With this said, when I use waves tune, I get random pops and clicks that are generated in my vocals, sounds that are not there when the plugin has been disabled.
I tried running waves tune realtime on the tracks and no pops or clicks are present, so it is something that waves tune is doing.
This really frustrates and upsets me because I love what waves tune allows you to do, but I cannot take advantage of it as there are frequent clicks and pops that are generated in my audio.

The BPM stays constant in the track so the clicks and pops cannot be attributed to a bpm change. In addition, I’ve tried changing buffer size, track type (mono/stereo) order of track FX and lots more but nothing fixes this issue.

I would also like to note that on occasion if you re-scan the part of the track that is clicking the click may stop. This doesn’t occur very often however and is inconsistent.

My sample rate is 44.1kHz - could that be influencing this?

If a more well-informed individual than myself could give me some tips that would be much appreciated.

I was going to upload an example but I cannot attach files or leave links as a new user…

Thanks in advance,

My DAW is cakewalk by the way.

Are the clicks and pops happing at points which you’ve edited within Waves Tune??

sometimes yeah. other times in waves tune there aren’t even any notes visible at the point in which the click / pop has been generated

Yeah, I’m not really sure white can be. Have you checked to make sure its compatible with your version of Cakewalk and/or OS??


About the only other thing I can suggest at this point is trying Support

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im getting the same thing this week with ovox… i use v11 and ableton live … super weird and inconvenient

everything meets the requirements except for my processor which is an 8th gen i3. I don’t see why this would be the issue though as the 8th gen i3 is equivalent to the i5 of the previous gen.

They just don’t officially test on the i3. So help from Support might be a bit limited. It could be that it might have the processing power, but there is an added latency incurred by the CPU or memory buss that might be messing with things. But I’m making wild guesses here.

You’re better off having a chat with support, which I linked above. Hopefully they’d have a clear idea of what’s going on.

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Has been the case for as long as I can remember (I’m in Pro Tools btw)
I use RX declick on 1.5 which fixes it, but still not a nice idea.
Still my favorite tune plugin despite this…

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exporting the MIDI and then using realtime works better. so frustrating that waves tune is like this

Hi, @relystuff,

Thank you for the feedback and information about the issue you encountered when using Waves Tune, I see you have already contacted tech support and one of our Techies will be reaching out soon. Since Tech Support can only troubleshoot on officially supported setups, note that in case your system does not meet our minimum requirements, Tech’s troubleshooting will be very limited.

Hope you have a great week meanwhile.

Waves recently released Harmony and Vocal Bender a little while back and Ovox before then. With any luck they are working up to new WavesTune style of plugin that fixes all the shortcomings of their classic, but ageing plugin?!? :thinking:

We can only live in hope.