New SuperRack SoundGrid V14 Now available with offline editing, Apple Silicon support, and more new features

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Is it just for engineers who are away from their SG hardware? I loaded it up on a laptop but I don’t have all the plugin licenses from my live FOH rig on my laptop. I couldn’t access any of those plugins, even though this new Offline version doesn’t pass audio. So I can’t do anything unless I transfer the licenses to the laptop, or onto a portable stick. That’s still not a great workflow for engineers whose server and client hardware is inaccessible sometimes.

Hi @philipacamaniac,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

In order to use any Waves software you will require to have your licenses activated to the computer or on a USB Flash drive as you mentioned, this is true for almost any Host application or licensed software nowadays.

This is regardless of the software online or offline capabilities which concern the application internal processing capabilities.

If you need any assistance setting up, or help with your licenses do not hesitate to Contact Technical Support. They will gladly provide any information and assistance.