Waves Setup Decisions

Midas M32 - Concern here in general is latency with it because its not a true insert even If I get a server etc is that gonna still be a big factor - wanna make this work with the m32 because if waves crashes I have a board with eq and compression etc and a stagebox that just makes it easy. Although im contemplating moving up to a SQ or LV1 Setup but please advise on the following with a m32. M32 is also used because we run two , one for FOH, one for Monitors.

what the best to go with

  1. Proton Duo

  2. Mac 64 GB Ram as Server - PC as Native with I7 and 16gb Ram - my confusion is that far surpasses all yalls specs on servers and computers but apparently doesn’t do as good?

  3. Waves Server with Native Computer as my Mac or PC

If latency is your main concern then you should go with 1) or 3).
Any processing done natively inside a MacOS or Win always has a higher latency because of the operating system, which is not tuned for super-low-latency I/O. Whereas the reduced and shrunken Linux on a SGS is.

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Hi @lilnick2117,

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To mix, and record with near-to-zero latency you will require a Waves I/O as well as a Waves Soundgrid Server.

If you are already using an SG setup that includes a dedicated Waves I/O and server but still experience issues with excessive latency our Live Support specialists will be able to provide you assistance in making sure everything is set up correctly.

Have a great day.

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