Waves Radio plugin

Would this be cool if Waves did it?

Waves Radio

Please excuse the horrible graphics, but you can see a general idea if you view it from a Maserati plugins perspective. Waves graphic artists are much better at building the GUI than I.

Note the concept of allowing you to feed it with two audio sources.

Some cool effects it could do would be that you could fade a song into another by automating tuning action from one audio source to another.

ADD Feature the ability to create presets that include “station” emulation, audio source, tuning, Gain, Locale, AM/FM, etc. and then blend between those presets

NOTE The Source 1 and Source 2 can be assigned separate settings per source, such as head unit station emulation, tuning (off-tuning), locale, etc. For example, let’s say you want a song to start as if it’s out in the country on an old vintage head unit in a classic car, emulating an old car’s radio with poor reception, but then, when you (automate) tune into a NYC station in the metro city area, the music kicks it up a notch.

Anyway, there’s an endless number of possibilities here. But this is a start. Thanks!

Brian Murphree - Soundporter Mastering


This could be a great too for film/tv and game design as well.


This would be incredible exactly as you described… And it would be even more incredible if, in addition to that, it had an input to stream internet radio stations.

There is a software available right now (search “Radio VST”) which does just that, and it even has some “radio effect” processing similar to what you mention but not as exciting as what you describe, or what Waves could do.

I use it as a sampling source.

Another thing that would be INCREDIBLE is ---- you know the sounds you get in between tuning from one station to another? What if the plugin could accept up to 8 stereo signal inputs (using standard routing in your DAW similar to how you sidechain) … And then you could “tune” between them by automating the tuner position.

There is ENORMOUS potential for your idea here. I hope they hear you. The world needs this, and Waves would be the company to do it well!