Waves Presets Hell

Waves has one of the worst arrangements (if you can call it that) regarding presets. I find no way to get presets into a folder where all the plugins will see them. It is really terrible. Presets seem scattered all over my drive, but are not all used.

ALL Waves presets need to originate via ONE folder that is readily accessible, not some system folder that no one should be looking at. On Windows, Documents\Waves\Presets would be fine, or better, let ME decide where to put them… FOR ALL WAVES PLUGINS!

You concur?

Hi @lahatte,

Welcome back,
Please refer to the How to Use Waves Plugin Presets article on our Support page for information about the Waves Preset system.

Is there a possibility you still have older preset folders lingering from previous Waves versions?? Are you perhaps using an older version of plugins??

I have plugins from version 9 on.

I spoke with a Waves support person to get this ironed out. I learned that there are two locations that have been previously used for Waves plugin presets, and in different areas of the system drive:

  1. a folder for the waves factory installed presets (Windows - C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Data\Presets).
  2. a folder for user presets (Windows - C:\Users\Public\Waves Audio\Plug-In_Settings).

It is confusing, and cumbersome as the locations are not where I tend to keep things that are studio related.

However, starting with version 12, apparently there is a new system for handling presets that is much better.

Yeah, I have noticed an improvement in how Waves have started to organise and manage they presets.

A long time ago I used try and micro-manage apps, plugins and presets, but I gave up when half the devs thought the “Documents” folder was a good place to put all their application related files. That just constitutes bad usability. I stopped using the Documents folder that day too for that very reason!!

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