User Presets Change To 1kb Files After Load It Once

I found a problem about all of waves plugins.
It’s about the xps user preset files.

I saved my user presets.
And I load it to return working.

But its file size turned to 1kb.
I can’t load it anymore.

Why this problem happened?
How can I solve that?

Hi @avectoihyun,

User presets are saved in the following location:

  • Windows: C:\Users\Public\Waves Audio\Plug-In Settings \ Plug-In name*
  • Mac: System HD > Users > Shared > Waves > Plug-In Settings > Plug-In name

Those will not be deleted even when you uninstall Waves.
Maybe you moved them or saved elsewhere ?.

It also maybe that those files are corrupt or maybe you are trying to load the wrong file.

If you still experiencing issues you can consult with Technical Support.

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I solved it and I know about that problem.
A lot of file name makes the preset change a wrong file.
So I reduce some words in the file name.
Thank you for reply :slight_smile: