Mac M1 8gb or 16gb for waves plugins?

Hi folks!
Anyone here using a mac M1 with waves plugins?
I’m considering getting a mac mini m1 with 8gb until they release the m1x.
My projects are made with Studio One and are around 20 tracks at 24bits/41hz
Almost always 15 tracks for (acoustic drums-guitar-bass-piano) and voices, and 5 tracks usually for midi with arturia labs
I intend to us:
Abbey Road J37 and abbey road REED on each track
Reel ADT and Abbey road chambers on 5 tracks
On the Master channel I intend to use the TG master and the Abbey Road Studio 3

Do you folks think 8GB of RAM would be enough? (Just as a transition machine until the new m1X release)
I have a interface Presonus Quantum 2626.

I really appreciate any experience.
Thank you so much!
PD: Sorry if I used the wrong terminology. I’m a total newbie in the recording process.

Hi @waydenis3 and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Please note that Waves software is not yet officially qualified and supported on Apple computers with the new Apple M1 processor.
We are working on providing official support and will update in the near future on the System Requirement page with new developments as they are available.
ETA is currently not available.

For more information regarding Waves with Apple M1 Processors, please refer to the Waves with Apple M1 Processors and Rosetta 2 Emulator article on our support page.

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To answer your question, though, I always suggest buying the most powerful system you can reasonably afford. That will give you the most longevity, but its not worth going into huge debt over, so its important to be realistic with yourself.

I’m about due for a new computer myself but I’m choosing to wait until Waves is officially supporting supporting the M1, among others. If people think M1 is impressive now, wait till it goes desktop. thats what I’m waiting for, though it will most likely be a 27" iMac for me.

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