Waves Ovox Export Issues?

I feel it’s probably something small and simple as I’m newer to vocal production, but whenever I consolidate and export my tracks the effects aren’t on there outside of my standard ones (howard benson vocals, etc when needed)

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advanced.

What DAW are you using and how are you using it?? Are you using a midi controller along with it??

Hi @loganadamsx,

Indeed, we need more info about your setup to help, but i suggest you contact our great support team to get this addressed as soon as possible.

Im experiencing the same problem.
Using latest cubase 10.6- Used the ovox on an audio track - worked great.
When tried to export the master - the export was missing the ovox track, and after the export back in the project the ovox did not react and neither the channel, when i bypassed the ovox plug-in. Only when i imported to audio again to a new channel and loaded to ovox - it worked - and again no ovox on the export.

Please help(:

Hi @bubblegun3 - Welcome!

I hope you and yours are well and staying safe at home.

This issue you are experiencing needs to be troubleshooted locally on your system with our stellar support team - please contact them here.


Im experiencing problems while exporting tracks with vocal bender… the effect is NOT THERE!

Can anyone help me? Are you guys having the same issue?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, @marsaultg Welcome to the Waves Forum.

This might be related to the input monitoring option within your DAW which is not enabled, thus why you are getting the recorded audio without the plugin process. Please enable the input monitoring within your DAW channel where you are using the Vocal Bender to be able to monitor the processed sound while recording.

Hope that sets you in the right direction. :nerd_face:

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