Ovox synth - midi out

I have the latest version of Ovox ( and use Ableton Live 10 (Standard - audio to midi included). When I activate Ovox on an audio track and I click ‘synth’ I don’t get ‘midi out’. Do I miss something?

Hi @daelemans.dany

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Please refer to our How to Convert Voice to MIDI with OVox in Ableton Live article on our support page.

*If you are using Mac, make sure to use the VST3 component, and not the AU.
**Generally, all waves plugins are supported in Ableton, on Mac and PC only as VST3.

If you still can’t get it to work as VST3, I suggest contacting our Tech Support Team.

It seems there was a problem with amyupdate. I updated now with Waves Central and now I get the midi out functionality in the stand alone version of Ovox.

After the update I don’t find Ovox any longer in Ableton Live. I followed the instructions on the page https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-find-your-plugins-in-ableton-live.

In the Waves directory I find:

  • Applications V11
  • Data
  • Plug-ins V11
  • WaveShells V11

In the directory Plug-Ins V11 (within the Waves directory) I find:

  • Documents
  • Ovox
  • OVox.bundle
  • WavesLib3.20_11.0.framework
  • WavesLib9.10_11.0_framework

In my Plug-in directory (library - audio - plug-ins) I find:


In my VST3 directory (library - audio - plug-ins - VST3) I find:

  • WaveShell3-VST3 11.0.vst3
  • WaveShell3-VST9 11.0.vst3

When I try to load the OVOX plug-in on a track I get the message:
Failed to create the VST3 plug-in (Ovox mono/stereo).
The VST3 plug-in could not be found.

I get the same message with OVOX stereo.

Kind regards

Hi @daelemans.dany,

As we Officially Support VST and VST3 with Ableton Live 10, make sure to only scan the folders as mentioned in the How to Find Your Plugins in Ableton Live article.

Make sure not to scan the Waves folders directly.

If further assistance is needed, please contact our Tech Support team, which will gladly assist.