Waves mobile Server - StudioRack not alot of plugins


I just bought a Waves Mobile Server to off load my plugins in logic pro x (version 10.7.2) and my Macbook in running version 11.6.1.

On the website of waves they say it can run 728 instances of CLA-76 on 48 Khz.
I am running one studiorack on the kick with 4 plugins ( CLA-76 - 2x F6 RTA - Scheps Parrallels ) and the Server is on 76 %. This file is on 96khz. i’ve try’ed the same StudioRack on a 48Khz File and then the server is on 40%.

To me this does not seem to be right.
Has anyone got any ideas on what i can do? ( everything is updated, from SG studio to the plugins)

Please Help

Hi Robin, and welcome to Waves Forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations on your brand new Waves SG server.

As every plugin consumes a different amount of CPU, loading plugins such as Abbey roads plugins or artists plugins such as the Scheps Parallels will indeed have their toll as far as CPU load.

Small tip as far as the F6 goes, you can use the regular F6 component instead of the RTA one, which should consume less CPU, additionally, you can experiment with different Waves plugins to understand their load on your system.

If there are any further questions or information you seek, I am sure our Tech Team will be able to assist.

I tend to skip StudioRack and just use something like the I/O plugin of Logic. I basically treat SGS like external effect. It seems to perform better that way. StudioRack is an interesting workflow, but I couldnt use that for my live rig as it seems to add too much RT latency. In the studio, when mixing, it’s fine. I just opt’d not to use it, and stick with a workflow I can take on a gig, use for tracking vocals and guitars, etc.

There is also a balance between settings on the SG Server and latency. If you are not playing live, you could work with higher latency for mixing and not notice added delay. If you are trying to use it live, latency is not your friend.

I have a SG Extreme Server, and I still have to manage it wisely. A mobile server is basically for a singer/songwriter implementation…in my opinion. It’s not the right tool to run CPU hog plugs, any more than you MacBook is. Hard to use those plugs live and get super low RT latency.

If you used something like SuperRack instead of SG Studio, you could have more than one server for offloading. I actually use LV1. I own all the plugins and mixers Waves sells, and I personally like working with LV1 the best of all.

Everything is about balance. You could just use SG server to handle the hogs of reverb and delay and do all the other stuff in Logic. Even with LV1, I load a template with ZERO plugins to start. No sense wasting CPU to have the EMO plugs idling on every channel. I only use them on the channels I need them on.

Anyway, keep experimenting and you will find the right place for SGS in your workflow. I love my setup. I cant imagine not having LV1 or my Waves plugs.