Waves IR1 random noise blasts

I work daily using Cubase Pro 10.5.2 doing TV cues. This problem suddenly surfaced after no updates or changes to my system, software or plugins.

I am getting periodic, loud white noise blasts from Waves IR1 (ver. 9). They last about 5 seconds, peg the plugin meter, then go away, then re-occur later. It’s the kind of random noise some demo plugins insert in “trial” mode. Except that my copy of IR1 is authorized and I’ve been using it for years. Again, I haven’t done ANY updates and have worked on cues in the past week where this did not happen. Now it happens on every Cubase session I open. And IR1 is running at 64-bit, VST3, so it is not a 32-bit or VST compatibility issue. I have other Waves plugins running on the same session with no noise issues. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi @scattitude33

PLease contact our support team with this issue, they can assist in the quickest manner;