Waves IR-L still asking impulse files on loading

Waves IR-L plugin always is asking of impulse response files. The files are present. It has no matter it’s Ableton or Pro Tools. Every time opening session I have to manually select impulse file from library. What’s going on??

Hi @stopi welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Since running with a Mac computer, I would start with making sure both Pro Tools and Ableton Live have Full Disk Access in:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Acess (left menu).

If not, click on the lock on the bottom left of the screen > type in the computer admin password to make changes > checkmark both DAWs.

In case the issue is not solved, I suggest reaching out to our Tech Support team to advise according to your exact setup.

It nothing changes. Still Waves IR asking of impulse files location.

On Windows platform the same. I use two platform: MacOS and PC.

I have new Waves 12 version. I have Big Sur updates. I have Ableton 11.0.11

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