Abbey Roads Studio 3 prompts for IR file

Hello, i recently purchased Abbey Roads Studio 3 and unfortunately every time i load the plugin, it is asking for the ASRS3_008.wir file, which i assume is one of the impulses responses the plugin needs, i can locate a set of folders called A and B in the Waves Data folder and under B i find a file with the referenced named , however it prompts for this file every time i load it in any DAW I own, and being apart of my Cubase Default Control Room setup, it ask for it every session.

It was doing this same thing using the Demo version.

Screenshot attached of file loading prompt and a folder with the file in it, the other odd thing is in the folder the files are not all named with all of the numbers, im assuming this is just the way the files are named but wanted to point this out as well as it may not be normal.

Help, as i want to use the plugin as intended and learn to mix through it as i have not seen many examples of someone doing as such.

Hi @IamYish,

Hope you are well and staying safe.
The numbering is indeed the way these files are named. perhaps something went wrong during installation.
I would recommend running a Repair (In Waves Central ‘Settings’ Page). If that did not work - please contact our support team who can surely sort this out.

Take Care!