Waves does not stand behind their License Agreement

Please explain this line “use Central to put the files you require on the USB drive.” What files? Where do these files come from?

I have installed the plugins from the original CDs to the replacement computer. What I don’t have is the code to enter to authorize the plugins. The code I used on the original computer does not work. I apparently need a new code to enter.

Central will connect to their server online where you can use it to download and/or transfer your licenses and to download offline installers to be used on another machine.

Waves Central

Hi @Barnabas, Welcome to the Waves community forum.

BlockquoteThe License Agreement does not say anything about a possible expiration date, yet clearly states that I can go to Waves-com and transfer my plugins to a new computer. Waves does not stand behind their License Agreement. Thousands of dollars of Waves plugins are going in the dumpster

Please note that the licenses are users can work with your plugins as long as they are running on a supported O.S, if you are not willing to update you always can roll back your O.S to an earlier version.

Regarding the Waves Update Plan is our complete care package for your Waves products. It will ensure you are always up to date with the latest version for a whole year. Any new product added to a bundle you own will automatically be available for you with no additional charge while covered.

​The Waves Update Plan is a platform that enables users to have support and the latest updates supporting platforms that are current and new on the market. Waves invest 100’s of man-hours in order to be able to support as many platforms and third company version updates as possible and WUP allows us to continue this development for our users. This ensures you that when you buy Waves and a new release comes out within the next year you will get it at no additional cost.

Additionally, while covered by Waves Update Plan, you may obtain a 2nd license for the covered products which can be used to authorize the plugins on a different device.

It will also provide you with priority tech support, 7 days a week. Our tech support representatives can assist with installation and licensing and troubleshoot any technical issues if needed.

When renewing expired Waves Update Plan coverage for existing products, you will receive a 45-day voucher which you can use towards purchasing new Waves products (up to 25% off a single plugin price or up to 50% off a bundle/upgrade price).

More information can be found here.

I hope this information will help.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Why would Waves tell me this would not work? I’ll see if I can try this out. Thanks


What do you mean by “the licenses are users” ?

I DO NOT WANT TO UPGRADE MY PLUGINS. Did you miss that in my previous posts?

As far as I know you did not have WUP when I paid $1,000 for these plugins years ago and promised me it would be easy to move them from one computer to another. Now Waves says I can NOT do that, but you are eager to sell me an update that I do not want.

Because it’s possible I’m missing an important piece of information and I could be wrong.

I just figured that since you officially have no support it would be something worth trying, especially if it doesn’t cost you anything. Well, sanity maybe. :flushed::upside_down_face:

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