Waves CLA-76 Crashes Sonar X3

I have been running Sonar X3 for many years. I use multiple plugins both VST2 and VST3. I just purchased WAVES CL-76 compressor plugin v13 (March 26, 2022) and successfully installed it. I can see the plugin in my DAW but as soon as I apply it to a track, it crashes Sonar. I know this is strictly related to WAVES because I have not experienced this with any other plugins. I can also immediately re-open the session and everything runs as expected. However, If I try to use the plugin again, the file crashes. I also tried starting a brand new file with only 1 empty audio track and 1 empty MIDI track, apply the plugin to the track, and the file crashes. I have also tried dragging and dropping the plugin right on to the track WAV which also crashes my system. I tried to revert back to v12 using the manual install method with no luck. Also have reinstalled v13 and still not working.

I am running Win 10 - 64 bit. Sonar X3a build 209

Other plugins: Slate Trigger 2, Slate Fresh Air, Klanghelm IVG12; Magic Switch; iZotope Vocal Doubler; SPAN, Ozone Imager2, Steinberg LVLMeter, as well as +/- 3 dozen stock plugins that came with Sonar. All of them run fine with no crashing issues - even if CLA-76 is installed and available. It’s only when I try to use the WAVES plugin that my system crashes.

I have seen two other threads on similar topics but they don’t appear to address this issue.

Appreciate any assistance.


Hi Sonarfiend. Welcome to the Waves Forum.

I reckon the issue might be to installing V13 which is not compatible with Sonar X3.
I would give the steps in the article attached below a try, as they will take you back to V9.6 where X3 was supported with Waves.

Follow these steps to roll back to V9.6 How to Roll Back to Waves v9.6 | Support | Waves which should do the trick, if not simply contact our amazing support team who will be able to solve any Waves-related issue.

Hi Adia - Thank you very much for this suggestion. I followed the steps for installing v9.6 and everything seems to be working! I really appreciate the quick response!

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Hi @SonarFiendX3

Really glad to hear that worked and I could save you some downtime.
Enjoy your Waves plugins.