Linux Support (WINE maintenance)

I’ve seen this topic pop up every so often and feel it’s time to reiterate the request. Waves is pretty much the only reason I ever boot up Windows now and it would be incredible to use the plugins I love in the OS that best serves my needs.

From past threads, the best suggestion I’ve seen is to hire a WINE maintainer to ensure access for our community (shoutout to matthewgmcgovern in the “Waves Central, Native Linux support” thread — sorry, my account is new enough I can’t post links yet). To me, it seems this would strike a great balance between Waves minimizing costs of expansion and more than sufficiently serving a market that’s already statistically significant and growing (see research by Statcounter)!

Windows 10 support ends next year, 11 is a bloated OS that’s sub-optimal for music production, and I don’t have high hopes for 12. Window’s popularity isn’t helping it run my DAW any faster, and side by side benchmarking has shown me plain as day that Linux is a substantially better solution for my music production (sans my favorite plugins).

From my exposure on forums, numerous Linux users (myself included) are truly willing to pay for quality software that meets their needs for a reasonable price. Yeah, the community certainly likes FOSS, but I personally just love having a system that sings. Having to choose between some of my favorite plugins and buttery smooth production is just, well, rough…

I dearly hope this request, which is echoed by many, is taken into consideration :blush:

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I’ll add a +1 to this. I wasn’t a frequent Linux user before last year, but all the stuff with Windows 11 & Recall, ads in the OS, and with Apple locking down macOS, I’ve suddenly turned into a daily Linux user. I’m still using Windows & macOS, but only when necessary.

At the moment AudioThing, Modartt, AudioDamage & Venomode are getting most of my plugin money, because their plugins have native Linux support. My DAWs Reaper & Renoise are both already Linux native. I tried getting all my Waves plugins to work with WINE, but it was frustrating enough that I gave up. Better WINE support would be good, but native support - like AudioThing has - would be even better, because it all just works.

I’d happily WUP my plugins for Linux support. Having plugins that work on all 3 platforms is now a major part of my purchasing decisions. There’s nothing in V15 that compels me to upgrade, but Linux support would.