Waves Central - Can't Login "Make sure you have an internet connection"

Anyone else have this issue? I’m trying to login to Waves Central after downloading the latest version of the product. I have internet as I’m able to post this just fine.

All it says “Sorry we could not log you in” “make sure you have an internet connection”

Hi @tyen, Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Are you running any AntiVirus application or a VPN service? If so try and create an exception to exclude Waves Central and disable all Antivirus applications/VPN/Malware and try again.

in case the issue persists, I suggest contacting our Fabulous Support Team.

Have a great week ahead.

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I contacted support and lets say your response was more helpful.

I was sent this link:


Nothing worked on that page. All other subscription plugin installers work perfectly… just not wavescentral.

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Hi Tyen,

In some cases login out from the website, then login in with Central will help
Or in some cases the issue can be related to the web browser, if you can, try changing your default web browser to any other browser then try to log in to Central. (you always can change back to your default browser once done).

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

@ShayWaves Changing the default browser was the solution to my problem. Thank you. Please pass this solution on to support as they failed to mention this.

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