Problems after installing the latest version of 'SoundGrid studio'

I upgraded to the latest version of “SoundGrid studio”, but no sound comes out without connecting “SoundGrid Impact Server”.

・DiGiGrid D
・DiGiGrid M
・SoundGrid Impact Server

Sound can be heard normally in the image state.

However, the actual work is done with “DiGiGrid D” and “DiGiGrid M”.

How can I hear the sound without connecting “Sound Grid Impact Server”?

Soundgrid studio’s Mixer is running on a DSP server. You need server mandatory

Hi @fpplan,

Although the Soundgrid studio’s Mixer runs on the server, as @merefox mentioned.

You can still Record & playback audio using a SoundGrid audio interface and a DAW (without low latency or offloading capabilities) If this is what you are looking for…

In this setup, SoundGrid Studio is used simply to configure your SoundGrid audio interface to work with your DAW. You will use the ‘ Patch ’ page > Device to Device view within SoundGrid Studio to patch the inputs and outputs of your SoundGrid I/O and your DAW.


  1. A computer running the SoundGrid Studio application, and a DAW with the Waves SoundGrid Driver (ASIO or Core Audio) selected as the playback engine
  2. SoundGrid audio interface

Refer to the SoundGrid Studio Setup Tab.

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