Waves Card w-sq-waves3 for Allen Heath sq

Hello everyone :wave: Help me sort out the situation :pray:t2: I have an m-sq-waves3 map for Allen&Heath sq. The card is in the remote. The computer and the remote sees it, the program determines its SuperRack and sees the card. But the system does not work, the program does not receive signals through insert. What to do ?

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As this can occur due to various settings on the system such as routing, Firmware, or others,for a quick resolution please contact our live sound team :muscle:.

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I am having the same option as the OP, did you manage to get this sorted at all if so can you share what they did, been waiting on a ticket to come back from waves for a few days now.

If the mixer (AllenHeath SQ) sees the card and Superrack has the card in its inventory then IMO the next steps are:

  • check sample rate
  • check patching in the board (insert send to the card out, card in to insert return)
  • check patching in Superrack (input and output)

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I see your issue was solved over a remote session with one of our Techies.

Feel free to use our Live line for any issue, information, or consultation regarding your SG system.

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