SuperRack issues with Allen and Heath SQ5 (M-Waves)

Hey all. I’ve recently acquired an M-Waves card for my Allen and Heath SQ 5. I trying to run some basic plugins from my Mac Pro (10.15) using Superack Native as the host. I’m using insert send and returns on mono channels over the M-Waves card on the desk to route audio. I’ve configured the native system using Superack SoundGrid. My issue is I can’t return audio to the desk for some reason. Superack is showing input from the desk. I’ve tried several different configurations now in SoundGrid and I’m stuck… Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. I can happily provide more details on the setup as an when needed.

Thank you!

You’ll need SuperRack SoundGrid application to patch the M Waves card to the SoundGrid Driver (In the ‘Device to Device’ window).
Once that done just launch SuperRack Native (2 both apps are running) and choose SoundGrid Driver as ASIO/Core Audio Device.
If you need further assistance you can contact Waves Tech Support and they will sort you out :slight_smile: