Channel 25-32 return distorted through soundgrid network

In a setup with superrack on macbook, wavescard in console and reaper as playback/recording.
the channels 25-32 return distorted in the desk through soundgrid. Only these 8 channels and it doesn’t matter if i use them as returns from superrack or playbacks from reaper.
All the sends to reaper and superrack are clean and all the returns except 25-32 are clean.
channel 25-32 distort as in peak the signal with what sounds like distorted audio and more than just the source distorted.

it is not dependent from the number of racks or the number of channels in reaper. in fact it is the same with only superrack and the card in the desk in the setup.

suggestions anyone?



Hi @Sunnyrob,

What Console? What Waves Card?
The best and quickest way to resolve this or get answers is to contact technical support directly at

Please provide them with full details on your setup, including the above and if you are using a network switch - which? Which ethernet cables you are using and their length etc…