Waves C4 to remove reverb?

A friend told me that he use the Waves C4 to remove unwanted reverb (room reflection) out of voiceover track with the waves C4 and I cannot figure out how he does this.

Anybody can help me with this?


It’s not really designed to do that, the best you could do is to suppress the most affect area’s more heavily, but there is not much leeway before you end up with something more worse than you began with.

You’d have a bit more success targeting the “space between the notes” so it’s not as audible in quite passages. That’s the only way I can rationalise this working. Beyond that you’re much better off trying to use NS-1 or X-Noise.

Thwe way I’d set up the C4 to do this would be to use the “global” adjustment and set all the bands at once and after you have a good “initial” sound, adjust each bands individually to refine it further. You’d want to set the threshold just above the noise and as the signal peaks through boost it by a few dB. The attack and release should be as fast as possible to avoid any clicks and pumping artefacts and turn down the output by the same amount you boost. Set the crossovers in the place where it sounds best. Typically around 150Hz, 350Hz, 2.5kHz make a good place to start.

You could also try Smack Attack for that. Just play with the Sustain a bit and it may work.

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