Room acoustics removal with Clarity Vx

Hi. I am been using Clarity Vx Pro on some projects lately. Mainly on-location dialogue in reverberant spaces. I struggle to make it sound natural (artefact free) when trying to remove (or reduce at least) reverb.

Anyone having a best practice for that? I ended up using some light Dialogue Isolate and Dialogue Dereverb in RX9 before Clarity.

Any tips on a transparent room de-reverb would also be appreciated. I am currently using Sounddevices MixPre with NoiseAssist for on location sound recording.

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Clarity unfortunately;ey doesn’t really deal with reverb or acoustics, just noise. You’re approach with Dialogue Isolate is not a bad one though.

The thing I would do is not to be too brutal with it, not removing more than 6dB of reverb with it, maybe even as little as 3-4dB. You can generate better results using two Dereverb passes than one, so you can always place another instance after Clarity and see if you can remove any excess.

It’s harder to replace damaged audio than it is to remove additional reverb. Multiple subtle moves are your friend in this instance. Personally, I’m still doing the noise removal in RX at the moment as my CPU isn’t as powerful as id like. But the principle should still be the same.