Waves brings back perpetual licensing alongside the Subscription

wooow huge News, the shitstorm or better hurricane hit Waves so hard that they decided to bring back perpetual licensing alongside to the Subscription Model WCA immediately.



Hallelujah and Thank-you


Too late, I already deleted all Waves Software from my machines and won’t install anything from Waves again. Trust can only be lost once…


Thank you! It’s not too late for some of us and very much appreciated.


Good first step. As a peace offering, you should seriously consider a deep-discount WUP sale/accommodation for your long-term supporters, too.


Good point! I agree!

Waves loose a lot of trust, but they change it and bring back like it was.
It was my demand that both models can exist side by side. This is fine!

But like thomas.junold said, “Trust can only be lost once…”
Waves lost a lot of trust, I hope Waves understand.


After the stunt they pulled on Sunday, they’ll need to do way more than post an apology and reintroduce ‘perpetual’ licenses. I’m not trusting this company one bit.

Also spent the last two days printing plugin/effects on old projects and hated every second of it - and I’ll need more days to complete this unpaid and ungrateful job. But once it’s done…


It’s still too early for me to celebrate, but I’m at least relieved they’ve decided to correct their course.



Has the damage already been done though?

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Damn, despite these couple of days, I began to appreciate Waves stuff more lol. Glad it back.

They need to scrap the absorbent high costs on plugin updates
Ridiculous high prices


Maybe you, Waves, should think also about the third subscription plan, for instance 5 any selected by user plugins for 5$ monthly? :wink: I suppose this may work for some users.

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I’m glad Waves listened to the feedback and reversed their decision on this. I would also hope that the folks who inadvertently surrendered their perpetual licenses whilst trying out the new membership during these last few, confusing days are reverted back to perpetual if that is their desire. We all make unfortunate decisions sometimes and being willing to apologize, learn from it, and take corrective action is what ultimately matters in any type of relationship.


On one hand I am glad they have brought back wup so the option to update whenever is back, however I do feel this is the bare minimum considering their advertising told us we could wup whenever.

More concerning is that someone signed off on this and showed so little regard for customers. I would like to think someone within waves mentioned the potential negatives but perhaps the culture is so bad they were fearful to do so. Perhaps the culture is good but people who raised concerns were overridden.

Either way as a customer i am certainly hesitant to buy anything else considering they have showed they are willing to put my considerable investment on life support at a moments notice.

The CTO is right about regaining trust but right now I don’t have a clue what that looks like for me. Any company could do this at anytime but I am now far more wary of waves as they are the company that tried it.


Amazed at all the Kool-Aid drinkers on here.
I can never trust Waves again.


I never trusted waves to begin with tbh


I am glad Waves is bringing back the Perpetual Licenses and the ability to purchase future releases without being tied to a Subscription. :+1:

It’s positive that Waves changed their minds but their arrogance and utter lack of respect for their existing customer base has put the spotlight on their shady ways. The damage is done and people have started looking around and come to realize there are actually lots of better alternatives. I personally was ready to ditch all my Waves plugins and move on and I still might. I own a fair amount of Plugin Alliance plugins as well. PA sell both perpetual licenses and subscriptions. The big difference is that PA charges NOTHING for normal updates. If Waves think they can continue charging hundreds of dollars for WUP and keep their customer base they’re in for a surprise - and it’s by their own design.


I’m not American so the whole Kool-Aid thing doesn’t really apply to me. I drink tea, coffee and beer mainly.

I have so much important real-life stuff to think about that all I want from Waves is for the stuff I already bought to work OK under a model that works for me i.e. continuation of perpetual licenses.

‘Trust’? They’re a software company I have bought some stuff from, trust doesn’t come into it.

I’m going to move on for now. Thanks for the reversal, Waves.


Drinking the Kool-Aid refers to the Jonestown mass suicide by all the members of a cult in Guyana in 1978. Their leader, Jim Jones, had everyone knowingly drink Kool-Aid containing cynanide.

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