Vocal Rider _ Pro Tools 12 _ PC

Trying to use Vocal Rider (v11) - plugin in Pro Tools 12 .

I’ve set the Rider - parameter as automation and the “Track - Lane”
is displaying the Rider - envelope .
The track is in Write - mode, as well as the plugin is in Write - mode also .

Somehow I see no changes happening in the envelope, though I see Rider fader moving in the plugin - GUI .

I know this all may sound stupid,
but could someone please show some guidance on this one .

Hi @Tonza72,

Note that V11 plug-ins are Officially Supported with Pro Tools 2018 and above.
So this might be related.

That said, to write the Fader automation we need to have:

  1. The Fader in Pro Tools Plug-in Automation list.
  2. Vocal Rider in Write mode.
  3. Track/channel also in Write, Latch or Touch modes

Do double-check that, but it sounds like you got it right :slight_smile:

In that case, in Pro Tools go to Window > Automation:
In the small window that pops up, make sure you got PLUG IN selected in Red.

That should do it.

If not, you can ask our friendly Support Team to advise further over this link.

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