CLA Vocals plugin missing in SuperRack


I have just installed demo version of some plugins, CLA Vocals included.
All of them are available in SuperRack except CLA Vocals. In DAW it’s visible.
Any suggestions how to fix it?

Thanks, Martin

I don’t use SuperRack unfortunately, so I’m not really in the position to be able to help. Perhaps someone else here would be of assistance.

Though if I ware to offer a conjecture could it be perhaps that it induces latencies too high to be of use in something SuperRack… maybe??

Response from support:

*As CLA Vocals is only available in Stereo/Mono-to-Stereo, please make sure you set the rack output in superrack to stereo (i.e 1-2). *
The plugin should then appear in the plugin list.

My fault :blush:

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