V11 Wont Show In PT2020.9

V11 will not show in Protools. They show in UA Luna. I will not pay for WUP even tho that has expired a few months ago. Considering its almost as cheap to re-purchase the plugin than to pay for WUP. What type of nonsense is this?

  • I just opened a 192k project in Luna & Reel ADT & Ovox open. The PT project is also 192K. No waves appear in the menu. Maybe I need to trash some preferences.

Hi @Zsarbomba,

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Please try to follow the instructions in our How to Find Your Plugins in Pro Tools article.

Hi Yes I did all of this. And then waveshells corrupted my system PT would not go past waveshells on startup… Also I note that Ovox and ADT cannot load in a 192K PT session but load in 192K Luna session. They did however load in 96K PT session but then crashed it. I also not that I cannot open waves central anymore it just hangs. Its just a kick in the guts that I brought the Diamond Bundle when it 1st came out at full price to see that it is at its pricing now and yet you want WUP from me of a price that is very close to buying the bundle again. The Waves WUP model is pushing me further and further to pulling the pin on waves.