Logic Crashing on SSL E-Channel

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i have a problem with one of your plugins, SSL E-Channel. Whenever i want to close the plugin window, my DAW crashes and closes itself.

I have run waves au reg utility6 10.0 (is the number relevant? theres 1 through 6 on my laptop) hoping it would solve something but it didn’t.

Im running Logic Pro X 10.4.7 on a mac (Mojave 10.14.6).

The Error Message my mac shoots me is “Logic Pro X quit unexpectedly while using the Waveshell-AU-CoaCoaView plug-in”.

I do NOT encounter that problem when starting a new project and loading up the SSL E-Channel though, which doesn’t really help me narrow it down.

i hope i provided enough info to help solve this

(also, waves central starts downloading some update upon starting it, doing so at 1 kb/s and then blanking out after a minute. but that’s another topic i guess)
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Hi @tonyobscene,

This requires some local troubleshooting, please contact our support team to look in to this.

Hi :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem, but with Scheps omni channel… did you find a fix?

Logic pro x 10.5.1(Catalina 10.1507)

I had a very long and complex project, so I assumed that I had picked up an error along the way somewhere. But I have just begun to mix a new project and now it’s doing the same thing. And after you close down Logic there’s an error that says logic pro quit unexpectedly, even though It closed successfully…
Please help


Same problem on a brand new Mac Mini SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

I haven’t experienced it myself and I’m not to sure how to go around diagnosing it outside of deleting preferences, cache and reinstalling plugins. You could try that though…

In particular go into your user Library, there is a folder called “Caches” there. Wishing that there should be a folder relating Audio Units. Delete that, Logic will rebuild it. There’s a chance that might fix the issue. Make sure you close Logic before you do, though.

Be aware, that the more plugins you have, the longer it will take for Logic to rebuild it. I think I have a wait time of 10-15 minutes myself. All legal stuff I’ve acquired over the last one or two decades. :wink:

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Hi There,

Did you escalate this issue to waves? If so did they respond to you?

I have exactly the same issue when trying to close SSLCOMP.

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