Paid WUP But No Support, Logic 10.5

I am at a loss to understand Waves’ business practice with WUP. I purchased WUP recently because my legacy plugins were crashing in Logic. After some troubleshooting, Support had me up and running. Great. But then in my next project, where I used many of my new Waves plugins (I also purchased Diamond and Abbey Road bundles), my project began crashing on launch. I contacted Waves support. The response: Waves doesn’t support Logic 10.5!

How can you offer WUP and then make absolutely no effort to solve a user’s problems with your software and hide behind something like version support? What if my issue has NOTHING to do with my version? And wouldn’t the developers want to know about a bug in 10.5? So, isn’t it in everyone’s interest to look into it? The response by Waves is truly bizarre and disheartening.

Can anyone at Waves provide a timeline when we can expect support for Logic 10.5, which was released at the beginning of May?

Hi @comdico,

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Please note that support for Logic X 10.5.1 is in the works, although there is no ETA yet, you can rest assured that your WUP coverage will let you enjoy using this (or higher) Logic version.
Right now, we support Logic 10.4.8.
We are aware of graphic glitches in LPX 10.5 at the moment, however, crashes normally appear when using a combination of v11, v10 & v9. I would suggest contacting TS to further explore if the issue is related to v9,v10, v11 leftovers, in such a case we may have some workarounds.

I only have V11 plugins installed and I submitted as much of the crash report as I could fit in the form to technical support. The things is I paid the WUP but received no support for my problem, totally contradicting your claim that “your WUP coverage will let you enjoy using this (or higher) Logic version.” I’ll follow up with TS to see if they provide any additional info besides the boilerplate I received.

The funny thing is I’m on Logic 10.5.1 and haven’t really encountered any of the issues peopler talking about.

The only things I can think of is it’s either related to specific machines. I did also rescanned and rebuilt my cache after upgrading Logic just so I would hopefully not be hit by any nasty surprises. I can only offer that maybe you can try doing that and hope that it makes a difference.

Simon, you are my personal help desk. I’m going to give a complete re-install a shot.


For sure Waves will be working hard at making a fix for Logic 10.5 as it’s an issue for many people. So at least that would be a plan B. I just can’t tell you how long that will be as only Waves would know.

You can bet it will be ASAP, though.

@comdico @simon.a.billington

Hi guys :slight_smile:
We’ve recently announced support for Logic X 10.5.1, with an exception that On macOS 10.13.6 and 10.14.6, plugins that have an expand/collapse function may cause a graphic glitch when expanded or collapsed. We are working on a fix for this behavior. This does not occur on macOS 10.15.5.
The workaround in most cases is to close the GUI and reopen it. @comdico if you’re still encountering further issues please contact support and they’ll help you in the most efficient manner.


It explains why I never came across the issue. There would be many users being put off by Catalina as being a “bad OS”, but that simply isn’t true.

I think it was largely perpetuated by this users still having on to their 32-bit plugins when they should have seen the writing on the wall 5 years ago and started phasing it out. So that’s really on them.

Apple has announced it will be moving to ARM processors. We have 5 years to plan for the transition and save top for a new machine… If we choose not do anything about that then that will be on us also. :thinking:

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That’s great news. Thanks!

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