V10 plugins and Win11

I’m new to the forum so hello! :smiley:
I have a question for which I still wasn’t able to find a user answer: I’m still with V10 version of the plugins, Cubase 10.5, and I’m mildly (very mildly) considering to upgrade from Win10 to Win11. Cubase, even if 10.5 it’s not officially supported, is reported to work flawlessly.
But I can’t find experiences reported for V10 waves plugins.
Has anyone seen if they work with Win11?

Thanks :blush:


It will be interesting to hear if other people have given this a try. Though, I’m doubtful they will be successful.

I’m thinking that V10 might have some 32-bit code and that may pose an issue. I am also pretty sure that V13 is the only version to have been tested on Win11.

Yep, I’ve seen that V13 is the only version officially supported. How about the “32bit” thing? Wouldn’t have been an issue also with windows 10 64 bit? (given that Win11 update seems more cosmetic than “core”, but I can be wrong)

V10 had code for both. V11, I believe, went 64-bit only.

News: I’ve updated to Windows 11 and everything went fine. Cubase 10.5 and Waves v10 work flawlessly.

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Awesome to hear. I was a bit uncertain about V10 on Win 11, but it certainly is very good news if they are both working together harmoniously. Anything that increases options for the user is a good thing.

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