Does "Waves Update Plan" let me use my Waves plugins again?

I have four V9 Waves plugins that I was quite happy using in Cubase running on Windows 10. I recently got myself a new PC build with Windows 11. Now my V9 plugins are not recognized in Cubase. Will paying for the “Waves Update Plan” allow the plugins to work again?

Waves “Waves Update Plan” page says: “PLUGIN UPDATES: Enjoy new plugin updates and ongoing compatibility with your DAW, OS & hardware”. Does this mean my V9 plugins will be updated to the latest version, or simply that my V9 plugins will now work on Windows 11?

Thank you!

You should be able to use your Cubase with the v9 plugins also on win11, no license update necessary. Even if any update plan expired.

But AFAIR v9 was 32 bit only and if you updated your Cubase then this might be the point: recent Cubase versions are 64 bit only (again: AFAIK).

If you “buy” or renew your update plan then you get the latest versions.

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