Using Studiorack in Garage Band causes crash

I’m running Garage Band on a MacBook Pro, 2,6 GHz Dual core Intelcore i5, 8 GB 1600 GHz with 480 Gb hard-disc.
When building chains with Waves Studiorack the computer crashes (Overload message) even when adding just 3 plugins.
I’ve made sure that no other visible applications are running and there is lots of space left on the hard-disc.
When using multiple plugins without Studiorack it works a bit better but then you can’t put them in the right order, which is the whole point with Studiorack.

In my MacBook Pro it is not possible to upgrade the size of the RAM so what’s the solution?

Sten in Sweden

What OS and version of Waves plugins are you using?? StudioRack is currently V12, I’m not sure, but I think its not optimised for V13 plugins just yet.

This might be related to the issue you’re experiencing, maybe.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your answer,
I’m running Big Sur 11.6.1 and several of my Waves plugins are still in version 12 but work better without Studiorack if not too many. However there is sometimes “lagg” when it comes to synchronizing GarageBand sw instruments with plugins running. Then I have to save, close down and then reopen GarageBand to make it work.


Thats not an ideal scenario for anyone working with audio. Make sure your IO Buffer is set to 256 or below for best latency results.

If that doesn’t help then it might be a good idea to contact support directly. I’m sure they can think of a few things I can’t.


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Thanks again Simon,

I have already addressed support in this matter.



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