Super Rack problem

Experiencing a strange periodic problem running Super Rack native. Everything running fine and then plugs stop responding. SR still passes audio fine but plugins do nothing. Adjust input or output levels, no impact at all. MBP only 12% CPU. I’ve experienced this before yet some shows it will run fine. Anyone experience this?

Adding system info:

MBP 2.9Ghz 6 core I9, 16GB DDR4, Catalina V10.15.7, 500G SSD

Most recent session 16 channel, 7 plugs total, 4 F6(RTA), 4 CLA-76

256 buffer size

Hi @garysjo,

Welcome back, I can see your request for assistance is already been handled and scheduled.
I am sure this should be no issue for our Team to handle. :magic_wand: