Studiorack has blank display in Pro Tools 2020

Studiorack has been working fine until i updated it yesterday. It seems to still be the same version 11.0.0 but now it has a blank display as well as any plugins that have loaded. It sounds as though it still works but i cannot see anything. Plugins all load and show outside of studiorack.

I tried reinstalling it both online and offline as well as trashing the plugin and preferences.

I am running Pro Tools 2020.5 on OSX 10.13.6. I have a ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card.

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I have the same OS with NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB and I have the same issue. I updated to V12 on all my eligible plug ins, and they had the same problem. I had to switch them back to V11, and it fixed the issue with each one except Studiorack.

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Hi Guys,

Please note that StudioRack latest release is Officially Supported with Pro Tools 2020 and OS X 10.13.6.

For such cases, please contact our Tech Support team to advise properly according to each setup and assist further.

I managed to get a friend that hadn’t updated yet to send me a copy of their Studiorack plugin.
I copied over the newer one and it now works fine again. It is an older revision.

I have the same problem care to send that my way lol!

HI all,

This may be because your Mac’s graphics card does not support ‘Metal’, which is required for V12 plugins and the latest version of SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack.

To make sure that this is the reason, see Waves’ system requirements and check which Mac models support Metal.

If this is indeed the reason, you will need to roll back your Waves plugins to V11 (here are complete instructions), or roll back your SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack to the previous version which does not require ‘Metal’ support.

The GUIs will then display properly.

Important Notes:

  • New V12 licenses will activate V11 software, if the product/s in question exists in V11.
  • To check if a plugin exists in an V11, scroll to the bottom of the V11 download page.

Yishai’s solution is best.
I still had some problems with parallel splits and had to download the V11 installers in the end.

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I have v10 plugins with v11 StudioRack. I’ll try something else but I have been at this for a day and half now!

See…I am trying to get it on my 2011 mac desktop. Works fine on my newer macbook air…

Yeah recently, well maybe a year or so back, Apple upgraded Metal to version 2. It took a little while to eventually find its way to our desktops, partly because they’re still catering for older systems, the other part is that it takes a while for them to implement.

Anyway, Metal 2 has new specs are requires more recent video cards than Metal 1. I only know this because I remember seeing the WWDC presentation on it.

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I see… Great… I even upgraded to waves 11. No luck. GG