StudioRack not loading TG Mastering Chain in Garageband

Exactly as the title says, StudioRack won’t load the TG Mastering Chain plugin when using Garageband. It’s a minor issue, since I also have Studio One Pro and Mainstage, and it does work there when using StudioRack. I noticed the issue because I use Garageband from time to time for quick takes, and when messing around with it, I noticed that it’s the only Waves plugin that won’t load in the Rack. But it does work by itself on any track.
Any ideas?

Hi @jgdeschamps,

Please note that StudioRack is not Officially Supported with GarageBand.

It was not designed nor qualified to run with GarageBand.

That said, it is qualified and Officially Supported with the following DAWs.


Ah, I see! Thank you very much for your answer, OmryWaves.