Using plugins in Adobe Premiere

I scanned for the plugins in Premiere’s Effects, and I even see them listed there.
What I don’t know how to do (newbie!) is to apply them to an audio track.
Any advice please?

The plug-ins should appear in the Effects > Audio Effects. From there it’s a simple matter to drag and drop them onto audio clips.

Another way to use them, though, is to insert them as audio effects in an audio track. Make sure you, click on “Show/Hide Effects” in the Mixer pane first so you can see the effect inserts, then just select the plug-in you want to use there.

They work like Video Effect Filters in the way that the sound flows through them one after the other, so what is done in the first plugin is how the second plugin will receive it. Unless you get into parallel processing which is kind of like running two video clips side by side with a transparent value applied to the top one. This is overcomplicating matters, though, best to stick the simple way of using plugins first.

Like with video its also good to stick any metering plugins you choose to use on the end of the “plugin chain”

Thanks so much for that clear explanation - much appreciated!

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I hope you find it useful.

Thanks Simon.
Best regards,

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