Useless update plan solicitation for unused products

So I get an email that tells me my update plan for a product is due to terminate. I click the links and decide to renew, getting charged $37. I see it post to my bank account. A couple of days later, I try to move the advertised second license to my main machine using Central, which just happens to be set to hide earlier versions of the products that I don’t use anymore. No second license is visible and the due date on the plan is still very near in time. I start trading emails with sales who tells me I updated some licenses. NO discussion of version levels. We go around and around in a series of emails but the correspondent never mentions versions. Finally I figure out that the email solicitation link drove me to updating the plans for the old versions! Why would I want to do that if I owned the newer ones?

This stuff, Waves method for license protection, is WAY beyond any overhead I encounter with ANY other vst or daw software I work with. I spend way too much time trying to puzzle through why stuff won’t work and not using it and waiting for support responses.

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