Update Tract to smaart V9

Please update track to be able to work with Smaart V9
or Rita, Global audio solution software

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I requested this back in September, supposedly they are in final testing of tract/v9 integration… but I’m going on 5 months of waiting… waiting… …waiting

AOL dial up speeds were faster than this :rofl:

Any updates on this? I can’t buy Smaart Div2 anymore!!

 Probably another 6 months to a year... 
 I called waves and rational acoustics back in September when v9 had been released and their new api for smaart v9 was available. Rational Acoustics said that waves was working on the new api integration and it would take a few months, waves support said the same..  api integration should be a bit easier by now.

 Gone are the days of unfettered support by companies dedicated to serving their customers and update products timely. Asking for an ETA isn't a deliverable detail anymore. No body has a real handle on a timeline for completion of beta testing and publication. Now the motto is more in the realm of - When ever we get around to it... maybe never. -  Not sure why it's taken waves dev ops nearly a year to point the ttf measurement from the new API into tract. Was the packet data for a ttf measurement in v9 api really that heavily modified from v8 to v9? I'm confused at how a virtual pathway designed to receive packet data is somehow requiring nearly a year worth of development to make the ttf ingested by tract functional. What would change so drastically that it would take this long? Perhaps someone at waves that sees this and has the patients to explain the vast array of difficulties the Smaart's v9 api has created, preventing a working update from getting released... but I'm not holding my breath. I'll post every month until v9 can send measurements to tract!

Just throwing another nudge… 2023 is nearly halfway gone… Please focus on releasing a tract update for smaart V9. The time for excuses passed nearly a year ago! Release the beta… you’ve kept the ball from rolling for long enough.

Hi @chrissinger86,

Please note that TRACT V14 is now officially supported with SMAART V9.
In case you already have it installed on your computer - make sure to reinstall it via the Waves Central application.

If you require further information or assistance updating or setting up, please Contact Technical Support directly and they will gladly assist.

Thanks, I also noted to the last rep I spoke with that the website page for tract does not yet say “smaart v9 supported.” Thanks for your help.


You welcome @chrissinger86 ,

Yes I can confirm Tract 14.12 latest version available in Waves Central is supported now with Smaart V9.