Thank You For Hearing Us!

I just wanted to say thank you to Waves mgmt for hearing us and bringing back the perpetual licensing.
There are many who have a huge investment in Waves that want to know that wasnt for nothing.

I still am not a fan of subscriptions, but if it helps the company survive long term, great.

Perpetual Licenses and Updates Will Be Back Alongside Subscriptions | News | Waves


Thankfully they saw the light. Still pissed with the rug pull without warning. It shows that they are very out of touch with their customers wants. Also tells you they could care less about the loyalty to those who have been purchasing plugins, hardware and updates for years.

They didn’t think about us until we made threats to them about leaving.

Pissing off loyals customers is a sure way to get people to find alternatives.

I personally feel sunken cost…I have invested my time and money for a while now and wish they treated us better.

They say they are listening but they only listen when their ■■■ is on the line

Here’s to hoping you learned something Waves.


I just got the email this morning, and I’m so Happy that they overturned their decision to remove perpetual license sales and make it a side by side service. I don’t think I have ever seen a company overturn a decision so fast based on customer input, and even though some of our words were pretty harsh toward them I’m just thrilled they listened, and excited to see what unfolds next as far as product intigration and sales.

Thank the music heavens that the company has a Cto/ co-founder that listens to its customers, and I hope they offer some sort of product sale or product giveaway or even secondary license change to help win customers back.

The best thing they could do is offer 2 or even 3 full perpetual licenses per product for customers who have multiple PCs in their studio, like myself I have a desktop, laptop, and tablet for enhanced workflow. Keeping paid updates as a one time puchase for all owned products as well, would allow customers to stay up to date, or even better offer the product updates for free.

I’m patiently waiting to see what comes next,
Or trying to be patient anyways lol

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Brrrr, I was hiking through Antarctica the last three days - what did I miss?

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Very happy to see the turn around in the decision to pull the perpetual license. I also am still pissed that the rug pull was so fast and seemed unfair that I have spent years upgrading my license and collection to have it pulled with little regard for my investment and loyalty.

ahhh, mm nothing, all still the same :smile: