Uninstalling SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack on a Mac

I recently seem to have installed SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack on my Mac Pro. I haven’t used them and don’t intend to and would like to remove them from my machine. I’ve fired up the Waves Central app but I cannot see how to uninstall them. A global scan of my machine reveals that SoundGrid-related files are scattered all over the place. How do I uninstall these apps?

Hi @carl.caulkett,

To uninstall any SoundGrid Application, login to your Waves account in Waves Central latest version.

Next, go to Settings and under Maintenance > Uninstall:

  • Select Applications & SoundGrid I/O Drivers and hit the Uninstall.

Once done, restart the computer.

If you are working with any other SoundGrid application, please reinstall it and restart the computer once more.

If any further assistance is needed, please contact our TechSupport Team to advise.