Unable to resume suspended process


I’m unable to resume a suspended process. When I try with resource monitor, process hacker/explorer, it says Access denied.
Process is Waves NX. After the update the default audio devices were mixed up.
Other Waves NX processes work, and the software itself works with audio/video players if I select it, it’s just I can’t access to the interface, which the suspended program is responsible for, WavesNxApp.exe.

Reinstalled Waves, rebooted, etc, same issue.

Happened just after updating Windows 10 Pro x64 from 1909 18363.1198
to 2004 19041.1023.

Whitelisted Waves in AV software.
Uninstalled the updates that windows would let uninstall. except the version update, same issue.

There’s a 2nd os installed on another drive, without the updates, Waves works fine, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

Did a clean boot but waves is still not starting.
Since it was working before the update with other services, I don’t think they were causing the issue, i.e a conflict.

Also updated the 2nd os to the latest 21H1 / 19043.1023, same issue, Waves dissapeared after 2004.

Hi @email_cv_82,

If reinstalling the App didn’t solve the issue, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team to properly advise on this.