Tracks Live issue!

Hi !

I’m using Tracks live (last version) with Windows 10, and since yesterday, after a crash, Tracks Live don’t start anymore. Of course, I tried to reinstall/repair/everything ! This issue has been reported once on reddit, it seems to come from a corrupted user file, because when I start TL from another user session, it works perfectly. Any idea ? :slight_smile:

Maybe a file to delete? But impossible to know which one !

Tracks Live unfortunately isn’t supported and hasn’t been updated in years. Did your computer install any windows updates lately? It’s possible the latest update broke something.

Reaper is what waves recommends as a replacement and as much as I hated it when I first started using it, it really is better. I find it more stable than Tracks Live ever was and if you set yourself up with a good template, it’s just as easy to get up and running quickly.