The Horizon bundle is screwed up!

I have been in touch with the support team but just telling me to uninstall and install the plugins again and again makes no damn sense! (Windows 10 - Reaper v6.15)

I have installed one plugin at a time and everything works well until the Horizon bundle. After that all my vst’s have doubled, I am getting double plugins of the ones I don’t have and have, black GUI’s. And all sorts of problems, and the main cause is the ArtistDlls2.0_12.0 folder. If I delete that then all my vst3’s don’t work and if I keep that all my plugins are weird and scattered.

This is an absolute dilemma. I have managed to make a Reaper session with all the plugins that are “broken”…

[Can’t upload more than 2 images because I am a new member, really? How am I supposed to show what’s wrong then?]

Please update and try and fix this. Idk why I am getting such problems. I have cleared every Waves file multiple times and I am still facing this issue.

My only solution is to go back to my previous Sessions, re-plugin all my vst3 to vst’s and copy-paste the settings. Then delete the ArtistDlls2.0_12.0 permanently. Causing all the vst3’s to go alongside the double’s and black GUI plugins.

There’s a chance you may have 2 Versions accidentally installed. Open up Central and have look at the settings area. There is a way to organise versions there.

Give it a go, see if it will give you any success.