That's why the Waves Central Software won't install your plugins

Hi there … here again as it seems that the only way to have my plugins working is doing your job …and debugging your application ( I’ll send you the bill don’t care ).
After days fighting with waves plugins … reading guides and 4 clean re-installation of the OS, the Logic and all other plugins … it seems that now Waves starts working, NO, I’m kidding :frowning:
I downloaded and installed the licensed on USB key, and it seem to work but the problem is that I have to install “again” the software.
Yes, surpirse!!! As you can see in the second screenshot I own a couple of plugins, the licenses are installed and recognized and the only thing I have to do is install them, yeeaaa. simple no? NO!
After thousand attempts Waves installed me some plugins and, for the rest? Nothing … “error” again and again … of course the frustration rises … I wrote to the support … eh uhm … maybe in a couple of days they will take care of my ticket … or maybe not… in the meantime I took a look at the log file.
Here ( in the 1st screenshot ) you can see the problem:

  • your developer used “curl” ( maybe they don’t read the chapter of Socket Python programming ) to download the licenses ( aha! ) and they get an error from server ( let’s try … aha : ERR002 ) so they “suppose” that the customer is not authorized and that he can’t install nothing … and the installation fails.
    I’m sure that commenting this poor programming technique is just useless ( fire 'em is an option ) … but the point is that customers are not ATM machine that distribute money for free … customers works hard to get money and when buy something deserve that it works … .so, please, fix this software NOW … as I’d like to work!

I made this post due to the frustration I had while the Waves Central License Manager didn’t work on my Mac and I had to work without some of your best and useful plugins. I understand that it’s not an excuse but I got a wonderful support from your technician that after hours speeded on the phone and with remote support found a problem on my account and solved it. I apologize for the words. Thanks again.

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@simonluca.scillitani thanks so much for sharing this!
It’s great to hear tech support have cured the issue and that you are up & running & happy with your plug-ins :slight_smile:

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