Waves Central V12, Plugin's not being installed

Hello guys,

Just bought a plugin from Waves today, went through the steps of installing Waves Central V12 and validate my license.

When i choose my plugin and click “Install” …the installing process starts and get done pretty quick (weird) … i get the sucessful installation message, yet no green Dash is being marked below the install tab.

Ive opened my Daw (Reaper) and looked in for the plugin …its not there…so the installation didn’t work properly…even though i did get the “sucessful installation” message.

Anyone have experience this issue? i’ve been trying to figure it out the whole day…

Cheers !

Hi @xartyffx and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

This particular issue will require further troubleshooting with Waves Tech Support department.
Feel free to contact them via this link and they will happily assist you and get you up and running.

Good Luck!

I have exactly the same problem. I’ve already passed 2 emails to support but have not yet obtained help.

Hey mate.

I got this solved yesterday by a Waves Tech. This issue happens if you’re installing Waves Central in system Thats not in english (my win10 is in portuguese) The Tech senti me a unreleased Waves Central that supports portuguese language system. And than it Works… hope you can get a tech to help you… otherwise. Just make sure your system is in english . Wich is their software standard.

Cheers mate !

I’m having the exact same problem. My SO is Windows 10 in Portuguese. I switched to English but it didn’t work. Could you share details on how to resolve this issue?

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