WLM Plus reset control

Is there any way to remotely push the front panel Reset button either through parameters or MIDI? I want to be able to reset it every time I hit play on my DAW.

Hi tmpc :slight_smile:,

Unfortunately, there is no Midi learn function in the WLM plug-in.

Maybe you could find a way inside your DAW or computer to have a 3rd party software running a hotkey shortcut or Parameters automation.

Hi, NirKa,

I checked the parameter list in my host program and the Reset button isn’t available. Strange design choice considering you always want to reset before measuring a track. However, I found a way to do it by toggling the Weighting parameter to another setting and then back.

I have one other question: Is there any way to make the WLM Plus window always open in the same screen location? It always opens in the same location that isn’t where I left it. I am running this is OS X 10.12.6.


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