WLM Plus reset control

Is there any way to remotely push the front panel Reset button either through parameters or MIDI? I want to be able to reset it every time I hit play on my DAW.

Hi tmpc :slight_smile:,

Unfortunately, there is no Midi learn function in the WLM plug-in.

Maybe you could find a way inside your DAW or computer to have a 3rd party software running a hotkey shortcut or Parameters automation.

Hi, NirKa,

I checked the parameter list in my host program and the Reset button isn’t available. Strange design choice considering you always want to reset before measuring a track. However, I found a way to do it by toggling the Weighting parameter to another setting and then back.

I have one other question: Is there any way to make the WLM Plus window always open in the same screen location? It always opens in the same location that isn’t where I left it. I am running this is OS X 10.12.6.


An “auto reset” functionality for WLM Plus would be really useful! That would be a really good feature to add.

Right now, if you’re using WLM or WLM Plus to meter, you have to remember to “reset” it every time you export to get a correct LUFSi reading. This inevitably leads to a situation where you wonder, “Did I remember to click reset?” and then you have to export again.

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This parameter is available in Eucon, so it is kind of automatable. ie Via an AVID surface, but it’s not obvious.

Interesting. How can AVID Eucon do it but nobody else can?

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